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Al Rifai encourages consumers to participate in their healthy life campaign
April 24, 2016, 2:17 pm

Al Rifai has recently launched a store-wide campaign aimed towards raising awareness about healthy eating habits and the benefits of including nuts, seeds and dried fruits as part of a balanced diet.

Recent studies and research1 have indicated that regular consumption of nuts reduces risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer in addition to aiding in weight loss and improving blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes. Nuts are nutritional powerhouses that contain a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals, which include Vitamin E, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, protein and fiber, which are rich in antioxidant properties.

Dried fruits are also an integral part of a healthy diet as they contain the same amount of fiber as fresh fruits and are a good source of dietary fiber, potassium and phenolic compounds, which are linked to a number of health benefits, including decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

Until end of May, customers who visit Al Rifai outlets in the country will be indoctrinated into understanding the benefits and nutritional facts of the various types of nuts and dried fruits at the participating outlets through display tips, guides and by speaking to the knowledgeable staff at the store.

Al Rifai strongly believe that they have a role to play in educating consumers about the importance of healthy snacking and the importance of incorporating nuts into their daily eating habits. Their premium quality products are not only delicious but also have different nutritional values that offer various health benefits. Through this campaign, Al Rifai aims to share the knowledge of healthy eating habits by creating a store experience that will guide consumers in choosing the perfect nut, dried fruit or seed that will suit their daily needs.

One of the popular healthy nuts at Al Rifai are walnuts which are a rich source of monounsaturated fats that are perfect in lowering the risk of heart disease and is also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts are also rich in all the B-vitamins, which support the immune system in addition to helping one maintain their ideal weight. Sunflower seeds on the other hand are a rich source of protein, dietary minerals and all the B-vitamins, which are able to aid in lowering blood cholesterol levels.   

Nuts, seeds and dried fruits are an integral component in maintaining well-being and improving one’s quality of life. Al Rifai offers a wide selection of premium quality nuts, seeds, dried fruits and other items that perfectly satiates all types of taste buds of their consumers.  

To learn more about the health benefits of nuts and dried fruits and choosing to lead the healthy life, visit any of their stores across the GCC countries and North Africa region or follow them on Instagram at @al_rifaiarabia and Facebook at Al Rifai Arabia

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