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Al-Rashed International Shipping celebrates National and Liberation Days
February 21, 2017, 1:05 pm

Al-Rashed International Shipping Co., one of the leading shipping companies in Kuwait, organized a decoration competition to commemorate the National and Liberation Days of Kuwait. All nationals of its various departments participated in this competition to creatively decorate the offices in a style that matched the beauty of Kuwait with all its sparkling lights.

This small competition was a way for the company employees to build on the feelings of solidarity and share in the appreciation for the close community spirit fostered between different nationalities during the festive occasion. Many nationalities come together during Al-Rashed’s special initiative to emphasize the pride of various expats for having built a good life in Kuwait.

During the competition, the employees were very creative and artistic when highlighting the best elements of ancient and modern Kuwait and created beautiful scenes that depicted the rich culture and traditions of the country. Photographs of old Kuwait adorned walls as did the Kuwaiti flag and various decorations in its four colors. One department had even decked up its interior to resemble an old Kuwaiti area with homes and shops, in addition to hanging up windows and lanterns outside.  Even the music and vocals during the competition had a special significance to Kuwait.

Some members of staff even took the extra initiative to introduce home-made crafts to the overall decorations. It was an enjoyable time for everyone involved, and many appreciated the steps taken by Al-Rashed International Shipping Co to make their employees feel part of a close-knit celebration.


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