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Al-Rashed International Shipping Company organizes annual staff party
February 21, 2018, 11:28 am

Al-Rashed International Shipping Co. hosted its annual staff party at Marina Hotel on 15 February with the attendance of management, business partners, staff, and well-wishers. The occasion also marked 40 years of service of General Manager Ravi Varrier, who had his start as a junior staff member worked hard to reach the esteemed position of General Manager in Al-Rashed International Shipping Co. He was felicitated for his hard work and dedication to the company by his colleagues and friends, and his appreciative superiors.

In his address to the gathering, he said, “In years to come, 15th of February 2018 will remain as a memorable day in my life. I am moved by the dedication, commitment and devotion each one of you have contributed.”

He expressed his thanks to company for helping him advance in his career, “With a humble beginning I started my career, and with the Grace of God my life took change upon arriving to Kuwait. I became part of a family beyond of my very own. I became part of The Al Rashed Family who embraced me as if I am their sibling, as if I am their Brother. You gave me freedom to make decisions and take calculated risks that would bring this company to the next generation, to take your family name beyond the boundaries of Kuwait and in to the world.”

He went on to thank his colleagues, saying, “My dear colleagues, it has been a remarkable journey looking back the 40 year which has passed. Your dedication and commitment has assured the success story of this company will never be forgotten. From then to now, Kuwait has gone though many various changes. These changes have molded the livelihood and business we run. But one thing remains unchanged and untouched; and that is our commitment to this great company and the common goal of achieving success.”

“We as a team and as a family, there is long journey ahead of us. We cannot lay back and relax while the world around us changes continuously. Our strategies must be reviewed and kept in check. Our business plans should be re-evaluated periodically and should be able to foresee the near future. Our ability to adapt to changes will determine our future success,” he concluded.


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