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Al Noukhaza Restaurant
May 12, 2017, 7:54 pm

This restaurant boasts thirty-five kinds of salads, nine different kinds of hot food (seafood and otherwise), two kinds of daily soup, a host of fresh breads, an exceptional main course – the chef’s platter –with hammour, shrimp, and lobster prepared according to your choice of eight different styles, and, finally, over a dozen selections for dessert. The drinks too are excellent and varied. The best part is that all (except the drinks) are available to the diner for a reasonable, all-inclusive price at different locations across Kuwait.

Popular dish: Grilled salmon accompanied by vegetables, sauce and rice

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Farwaniya (2475 7775); Abu Halifa (2373 3377); and Gulf Road next to Shaab Park (182 3888). 

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