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Al Nasser Center promises great deals during its 'Back to School’ campaign
August 30, 2016, 4:10 pm

Al Nasser Sports Center, the leading fashion retailer, announced the launch of its new 2016-2017 collection of their ‘Back to School’ campaign. The collection features all key school essentials available at competitive prices to fulfill a student’s needs and get them ready to return to school!

Group Marketing Director Bassem Jawad, said, “We at Al Nasser Sports Center have selected this year a distinctive ‘back to school’ assortment for children.  We have a stylish, modern collection that has some elements from international fashion lines and is suitable for all ages.”

Mr. Bassem added that there will be variety in the collection for children, with a wide selection of T-shirts, shorts, sports jackets and other clothing items. The diverse choices will appeal and satisfy all tastes.

In addition, Al Nasser has stocked a wonderful collection this year comprised of the best school essentials for kindergarten children. Moreover, medical shoes are available that are specially designed to provide comfortable foot movement and help children with foot issues to enjoy their playing time.

As always, Al Nasser consistently caters to families and their children by providing them with all the school essentials they will need to have another good school term. 

The company is at the forefront of innovation and development when it comes to the needs of children and their school life. Visit the nearest Al Nasser branch to find a new level of convenience and customer satisfaction for you and your children. The brand prides itself on offering the best prices for the finest quality of products tailored especially for school children so they are equipped for their school life.

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