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Al Nahil Int’l Clinic to host free Diabetes Awareness Camp
April 9, 2016, 1:15 pm

The World Health Day which is held to mark WHO's founding, is seen as an opportunity to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year. The World Health Day theme for this year is ‘Beat Diabetes’.

On this occasion, Al Nahil Int’l Clinic, Jleeb Al Shuyoukh, Division of Shifa Al Jazeera Medical Group, Kuwait  has announced ‘Free Diabetic Checkup’.

The expatriate life style and working conditions has seen a massive growth in the diagnosis of diabetics. “We want to create more awareness and also educate our people on the measures to curb the rise of diabetics as part of our social commitment to create a better healthier generation which comprises of ourselves,” said Mr. Abdul Aziz, General Manager, Al Nahil.

Al Nahil Int’l Clinic – Diabetologist and Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Lingaiah Miryala pointed out that lack of exercise, ill-timed food intake and the inappropriate quality and quantity of food taken are some of the factors that give rise to this killer ailment.

General Physicians’ Dr. Pethuru Davadason and Dr. Liansa Philips shared their findings, saying that lack of awareness regarding consequences of this disease, lack of interest to maintain a proper life style due to various factors and determination to ensure the healthy food habits reveal that the number of patients diagnosed with diabetes are increasing steadily.

Early diagnosis such as regular sugar check along with thyroid tests at least once a year can reveal sugar level in one’s blood and help curb diabetes in the long run. Also, frequent consultation will provide proper guidance on the best practices and food that would help prevent diabetes. A study revealed that 40% of diabetic patients are prone to fall into depression. Also destructive complications to other organs like eyes and heart are also apparent said Medical Director, Dr. Unnikrishnan Nayanar.

One of the most common pregnancy complications, gestational diabetes affects one in 10 expectant women — and because it occurs more often among obese women, rates of GDM have been rising along with obesity rates. “While the potential complications from untreated GDM are serious, the condition can easily be managed if  diagnosed early and well controlled,” added Dr. Himali Chowdhari, Gynecologist, Al Nahil.

Pediatric specialist Dr. Diana Thamby also shared her experience where children with diabetes tend to be gloomy and depressed and are in constant need for parental attention.

Diabetes related problems and apprehensions needs to be well tackled and the sole  intention of this free camp is to educate people about the best measures to be taken to beat diabetes. This camp also provides free sugar and BP checkup. This facility is available at the clinic till 31 May. For more information: Visit, or call, 60057477.

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