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Al Mulla International Exchange opens its 54th Branch
June 22, 2014, 1:46 pm

Al Mulla International Exchange, the leading money remittance company in Kuwait, has recently launched its new branch for the very first time in Jabriya area, which makes it the 54th branch in total in Kuwait. The new branch is located in a very prime location in Jabriya, as Al Mulla international Exchange is always keen to grant the best service to its loyal and new customers.

Finding a branch in almost each area in Kuwait is easy and it gives customers living in the same area and surrounding areas flexibility and easy access to transfer money through their preferred and secure exchange company.

During the launch, Mr. Rajesh Gairola, General Manager said: “The launch in Jabriya is considered one of our strategic expansion plans; we have a great reputation in the market as well as huge number of loyal customers from expats to Kuwaitis which we would want to easily reach to.” He also added: “Our name is associated with the best financial institutions, technical expertise, and our goal is to provide the fastest possible service to our customers.”

Mr. Rajesh also said: “with the launch of our 54th branch we aim to provide the best service and easy access to all our customers located all over Kuwait, as we consider them our essential assets and our goal is to satisfy their needs and support them as much as we can as an appreciation to their loyalty and contribution in the growth of our business.”

Al Mulla International Exchange, established in 2001 always assured in providing outstanding services to its customers and seeks to meet their expectations and satisfaction, it always strives to provide all its branches with the latest technologies in favor to its customers and innovative remittances and money transfer solutions. Like any of the other Al Mulla International Exchange branches, Jabriya branch will is open throughout the day to cater the needs of all the customers and they provide ample counters for convenience and smooth transactions and service.

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