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Al Mulla Exchange stages hilarious Gujarati play 'Mummy Tu Aavi Kevi?'
December 17, 2014, 1:19 pm

Al Mulla International Exchange, Kuwait’s premier money exchange company, treated their Gujarati patrons to an exciting evening with the play 'Mummy Tu Aavi Kevi?’.

The event was held on the 11 and 13 December at the Cambridge High School, Mangaf and Safir International Hotel respectively. The event marked the 90th and 91st function sponsored by Al Mulla Exchange as part of the company’s strategic vision of prioritizing customer service. More than 500 guests attended the show on the first day and the number doubled to more than 1400 customers on the second day.

The play 'Mummy Tu Aavi Kevi?' tells the story of a typical Gujarati family who live in an urban environment. The more traditional Gujarati mother is encouraged to change into a modern Mother after her children are embarrassed by her old-age ways. The transformation into a '21st Century Mom' leads to a whole lot of hilarious situations that had the crowd break into peals of laughter. The writer Dhiruben Patel and director Manoj Shah are credited for this comedy. 

Since its inception in 2001, Al Mulla Exchange has revolutionized the Money Exchange industry in Kuwait by continuously offering innovative, customer-centric remittance solutions. Today it is one of the leading companies for financial exchanges and remittance solutions with a focus on reliable, transparent and accessible services, through their outlets around Kuwait.


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