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Al Mulla Exchange presents 'Adhe Adhure'
November 20, 2013, 10:26 am

Al Mulla International Exchange, the leading remittance service provider in the country, presented the brilliant Hindi stage production 'Adhe Adhure' in front of a packed audience at the American International School in Hawally, on the evening of 15 November.
First performed more than 40 years ago, 'Adhe Adhure' which translates to 'The Incomplete One, or the Halfway House', is penned by Mohan Rakesh, one of the most prominent modern Hindi playwrights, and produced and directed by the acclaimed thespian Lillete Dubey.

Despite the passage of years the play nevertheless remains a classic that evinces strong emotions in audiences. Featuring Lillete Dubey and her daughter Ira Dubey, along with a scintillating cast of Mohan Agashe, Rajeev Sidhartha and Anuschka Sawhney, the play paints a powerful and moving portrait of the life and travails of a middle-class urban family and their self-centered motives.
The Chief Guest of the evening, His Excellency Satish C. Mehta, the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, along with the specially invited customers of Al Mulla Exchange, sat captivated throughout the 105 minutes of the play and expressed their appreciation with rapturous applause as the final curtain came down.

Audiences were unanimous in their approval of the initiative by Al Mulla Exchange in bringing well-known drama productions in different languages to Kuwait, and especially for providing them with a memorable evening of theatrical performance through Adhe Adhure.

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