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Al Mulla Exchange presents ‘Sufiyana Safar’ — a spellbinding repertoire of Sufi songs
August 30, 2014, 2:35 pm

Al Mulla International Exchange, the premier money remittance company in Kuwait, organized two evenings of entrancing Sufi songs and music at the Safir International Hotel in Bneid al Ghar on Friday, 22 and Saturday, 23 August. The chief guest on the first evening was Mohamed Hassan Wazir, Charge d’ Affaires at the Pakistan Embassy in Kuwait, and on the second day, the honored guest was leading Indian businessman and Honorary Chairman of the Indian Business Council, S.K. Wadhawan. A large gathering of over 1,200 music aficionados from India and Pakistan graced the occasion on both days.

Al Mulla Exchange’s ‘invitation-only’ event, aptly named ‘Sufiyana Safar’, was a transcendental journey through the realms of traditional Sufi songs with overtures of contemporary music. The Sufi melodies, taken to heights of perfection and flawlessly executed by the talented duo of Deepali Somaiya and Samir Date, drew unreserved applause from the audience. The seamless blend of classical musical instruments, such as the flute, table and dholak that are normally associated with Sufi songs, with the more modern-day sounds emanating from the guitar and electronic keyboards, held the listeners enthralled on both days.

The exclusive cultural and informative events organized by Al Mulla International Exchange are part of the company’s ongoing customer outreach program that has seen more than 80 such events organized in the past. This highly appreciated initiative provides their valued customers with an enjoyable social experience that transcends business relations and helps cement ties between people on a more individual and personal level.

Al Mulla Exchange’s commitment to providing the best money transfer solutions and unique customer services has resulted in them being recognized as one of the leading companies in their field in Kuwait. Reinforcing their top ranking, last year, the company remitted in excess of US$1.2 billion only to India; this accounted for over 40 percent of all remittances from Kuwait to India, and was two percent of the total remittances into India globally.

Since its inception in 2001, Al Mulla Exchange has revolutionized the exchange industry in Kuwait with their cutting-edge money transaction technologies and customer-centric remittance solutions.  Besides making money transfer a swift, safe and secure experience for customers, Kuwait’s premier exchange also offers the facility to send money from the comfort of one’s home or office through their online service at

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