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Al Mulla Exchange opens newest outlet in Hawally
October 22, 2014, 12:11 pm

Continuing the surge in new branch openings this year, Al Mulla Exchange, Kuwait's leading money remittance company, opened their 56th branch in the country with the inauguration of their sixth outlet in Hawally.

Inauguration of the new branch, at the Abraaj Complex Building B, on Othman Street, near the Al-Khurd Roundabout in Hawally, was attended by a large gathering of customers, well-wishers and Al Mulla Exchange officials.

With the opening of a sixth branch in Hawally, Al Mulla Exchange hopes to build on the success of its five existing branches in the area, and provide residents and expatriates with more convenience and accessibility when it comes to their money transfer needs.

The new branch, which is easily accessible from the main roads, has several transaction counters to facilitate fast and convenient money remittance service to customers.

With a fully-automated process that incorporates the latest technological advances in money remittances, the new branch of Al Mulla Exchange offers one of the fastest and most secure money transfer operation in the business.

The opening of the 56th outlet in Kuwait also underlines the increasing popularity of Al Mulla Exchange and the demand among customers for the tailored service offerings and distinctive customer relations of Kuwait's leading money exchange.

Since its inception in 2001, Al Mulla Exchange has offered innovative customer-centric money remittance solutions. Along with speed and security in money transfers, the new branch also offers free insurance and loyalty points on every transaction, as well as SMS confirmation on successful delivery of remittance.

In addition to making money transfer a quick, safe and relaxed experience for customers, Kuwait’s premier exchange also offers the facility to send money from the comfort of one’s home or office through their online service at

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