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Al Mulla Exchange launches exciting online promotion
August 9, 2015, 10:35 am

 Al Mulla Exchange, the leading remittance company in Kuwait, is running a promotion for customers who remit online through their site: during the period of 6 August to 4 November. 

After remitting through Al Mulla’s quick and upgraded online services, customers will be entered into a weekly draw, where two winners will be picked each week to receive the high-end Bose Soundlink mini-speakers that produce sound of the highest quality.

At the end of the 12 week promotion, there will be another thrilling draw which will allow all online remitters to participate in a grand draw with a prize of gift vouchers worth KD600.

Al Mulla’s online remittance service prioritizes customer satisfaction, safe and speedy service and convenience when remitting money to other countries. The online service is a dependable and trustworthy option available for sending money almost anytime and anywhere in the world.

Al Mulla endeavors to deliver high quality product and services to their Kuwaiti market, and has provided many well-received opportunities for customers to benefit from their professional relationship. Al Mulla Exchange aims to retain its position as the leading remittance services provider in Kuwait. 

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