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Al Mulla Exchange Launches Premiere Lounge in Qurain
January 8, 2014, 3:19 pm

Al Mulla Exchange, the premier money exchange company in Kuwait, continues to surprise the remittance market in the country by introducing innovative products and services . Their latest offering is the Premiere Lounge, which has been launched for discerning high value customers who would like to savor a remittance experience like no other.

Located near to upscale Lu&Lu hypermarket in Qurain, this service is a first for the Exchange industry as a whole, not just in Kuwait but anywhere in the world.  An added advantage to this ‘invitation-only’ service is that it comes at no extra cost to the High-Value customers, who are identified and given a personalised access card to the Lounge by AMIEC. 

Unlike other  branches where the customer has to stand in a queue to do their transaction, this service offers a one-to-one interface for the customer to have his transaction done at leisure and in the privacy of a cabin.

With this new service, Al Mulla Exchange expects that they will be able to address the need of the selected few who would like to have their remittance done with utmost care and comfort and at no extra cost.

As the fastest growing Exchange company in Kuwait with a 52-branch network, Al Mulla Exchange has rapidly become the money-remittance company of choice across all corridors. The company plans to open more of the exclusive Premiere Lounge outlets in every area where Al Mulla Exchange is located in depending on the customer response to this innovative service.

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