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Al Mulla Exchange Company’s ‘One kilo gold’ promotion draws to a close
August 23, 2014, 1:01 pm

Al Mulla Exchange Company, Kuwait premier money remittance establishment, commemorated the Holy Month of Ramadan with an exciting ‘one kilo gold’ promotion drive that resulted in 105 customers winning dazzling gold coins.

In recent years, Al Mulla Exchange has been taking the concept of customer service to new heights with several distinctive promotions that have rewarded lucky remitters with valuable prizes. The Exchange House has also generated real appreciation among its tens of thousands of customers through their many entertaining and informational cultural programs.

The unique ‘one kilo gold’ promotion, which was part of Al Mulla Exchange’s customer outreach program, ran from 29 June to 12 August and had a total of five draws. Each draw saw a total of 21 winners, of whom 20 lucky people took home an 8g gold coin each, and one person walked away with 50g gold. In all, there were 105 lucky gold coin winners taking away a total of over one kilo gold.

Highlight of the campaign was that any customer could participate in the promotion as long as they made a transaction through any branch of Al Mulla Exchange. This offer was applicable to cash transactions, currency exchanges, remittances made through Western Union and direct bank to bank transfers to any country.

With a commitment to extending dependable, trustworthy, innovative and value-added services, Al Mulla Exchange has managed to differentiate itself in the crowded money remittance market-place. A focused approach to delivering exemplary quality service has led them to open a network of branches throughout Kuwait that provide customers with efficient service along with competitive exchange rates, and fast, secure and safe transactions.

Among the customer-friendly services offered at Al Mulla Exchange is the computer-aided remittance process, which does not require a return-customer to fill-up any additional application forms. By providing any simple identification, the entire details of previous transactions can be called up on screen and customers can ensure a paperless transaction in minutes.

In addition, free insurance and loyalty points on every transaction, SMS confirmation on successful delivery of remittance and the ability to send money from the comfort of one’s home or office through their online service at, makes every remittance through Al Mulla Exchange a delightful experience.


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