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Al Manshar Rotana Kuwait Launches ‘Planting is giving’ activity
April 23, 2016, 11:24 am

In a bid to encourage and educate hotel guests, corporate partners and colleagues to become more responsible towards the earth, Al Manshar Rotana Kuwait organized a ‘Planting is Giving’ activity to mark Earth Day.

Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April, includes worldwide demonstration of support towards environmental protection through various events.

During the planting initiative, all participants were provided with bougainvillea saplings to plant. The hotel general manager, Imad Zaboura explained to the contributors the importance of planting and how it helps to give back to the earth.

Everyone were able to design their own pots and sketched their name on it. “This activity is one of our plenty of initiatives to get our partners and colleagues to be involved with and this will not end here. We will update our partakers about their plants and their growth progress and so even if they are away they will still receive news from their emails,” Imad commented.

“All of the plants will be placed in a dedicated area in front of the hotel were everyone can see it, water them and take care of them if they wish too. We, however will take full responsibility of them and assure to keep them alive and beautiful,” He continued.

Over the years, Al Manshar Rotana has adopted many environmental friendly measures to help reduce carbon footprints, become more energy efficient and being committed to biodiversity. For instance, 75 percentage of the hotel lights are changed to LED bulbs which brought to the hotel a savings of 348 KD in electricity over the year.

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