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Al Maghrib Institute visiting Kuwait for a weekend Seminar
May 23, 2014, 7:15 pm

When: May 29 - 31

The Islamic Center of Kuwait is proud to bring Al Maghrib Institute to Kuwait for the first time. They are launching Al Maghrib through one of their most popular courses Protect this House by Abu Eesa.

Let's think about this

Do you have a brother or sister who just won’t take your advice
A parent that doesn't understand your goals in life
A cousin or uncle you want to connect with but have nothing in common
A child that finds you outdated and boring
Or a spouse you wish you could be more open with
and do not know what to do about it. The answer is here
This course will concentrate on

1. Parents - Birr al Walidayn (What it means), How we should respect parents, the challenges, decisions, their involvement in marriage, relationship with in laws, obligations of parents, looking after them etc

2. Marriage - Marital relations, rights of husbands and wives, family involvement,  divorce causes and misconceptions

3. Children and parenting - Responsibilities, value of children,  vision for children, difference of ta'aleem and tarbiyyah, discipline of children, Islamic studies vs School studies, Quran memorisation or Tafseer etc

4. Ties of kinship - Who are kins, what are the rights of brothers, sisters, first cousins, second cousins. How to deal with them in business and charity etc

and a lot more...............

This course is designed for elders, parents, young brothers and sisters, married, non-married and just about everyone. After the seminar, you will learn How to Protect Your House!!! If you are interested to know more and get all your questions about family answered please log on to

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