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Al-Hasawi says KFA's next phase is to develop local sports activity
August 28, 2016, 4:47 pm

Kuwait Football Association (KFA) Chairman Fawaz Al-Hasawi said here on Sunday that the focus during the next phase will be on developing local activity and address all the flaws as a first step to work on lifting the suspension imposed on the Kuwaiti sports.

Al-Hasawi announced in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the first step is to cancel the reserve league that is currently in place and to adopt the 'in and out' system in the premier league as of the next season consisting of premier and first.

He continued, "We will work to strengthen the league and increase the level of its performance by increasing and diversifying bonuses for the sake of increasing competition between the clubs and contribute to raising the general technical level."

"We will also work to implement privatization in the clubs which will be the first step to lift the suspension and develop sports image sought by all Kuwaiti athletes," he added.

Al-Hasawi stressed the need to benefit from the privatization as desired and as is the case in various regional, continental and global countries in order to achieve the desired renaissance of the game and restore its glory in various forums.

He expressed confidence in the capabilities of all employees of the Association to achieve the first step in "our quest towards lifting the suspension imposed on the Kuwaiti sports and restore its past glories in all forums."

The Public Authority for Sports (PAS) had earlier decided to dissolve the Kuwait Football Association and the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee, assigning two interim commissions -- alluding the measure to financial irregularities.

Source: KUNA

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