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Al Bustan Terrace hosts Easter holiday
March 28, 2016, 5:28 pm

Al Bustan Terrace Restaurant of Radisson Blu Hotel hosted an early Easter celebration on Friday afternoon with brunch and activities for the kids. Egg decorating and hunting contest and a brief sushi making session added fun and excitement to the activity. Area Chef for Middle East and Turkey David Harnois graced the occasion during the prize and gift distribution ceremony.

Following a Brunch buffet, children participated in an Egg Decorating contest and then, an egg hunting contest where they had to find colored eggs hidden around the terrace. Parents too joined in the fun as they looked for the eggs. Sushi Chef of Sky Lounge Jimmy presented a brief cooking class for the children which attracted parents and other diners. The finished sushi pieces made by the kids were then served to their parents. 

“Children always look forward to these kinds of events and occasions, a combination of fun and a learning experience. The cooking class was simply perfect not only for them, but for us parents too. The Chef made the whole process simple and easy to follow and one can easily see how proud the children are to show what they have accomplished,” said Mariam, a mother of a participant.

Chef Harnois handed over prizes to winners of the games and thanked everyone for their participation. “With the relaunch of our Brunch paired with a series of activities for kids that is planned for every Friday, we definitely will get more families to visit. It was such as rewarding experience to see the kids create and what they have accomplished,” said Chef Harnois.

Brunch at Al Bustan Terrace of Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait is available every Friday.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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