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Al Bayan Bilingual School raised environmental awareness with Festival
March 8, 2015, 11:30 am

The Al Bayan Bilingual School organized a Green festival at their premises on 7 March to raise awareness in the school on the need for better management of natural resources and energy as well as how to care for the environment. According to the theme, a variety of fun programs and stalls were prepared to entertain and educate the public.

Visitors enjoyed booths such as face painting, hair braiding, pot painting and buying good snacks from visiting vendors. Upbeat music kept the mood light and stimulating, as visitors bought items from the many different stalls: from those that sold sweets from the J’S Sweets and Treats, healthy products from the Royal Naturom, and many others displaying miscellaneous items. Speaking with Joan Whitlow, an organizer of the Festival, she said that the festival was about getting people interested and to increase the awareness of the environmental problems. Moreover, she hoped with awareness, the participation in collectively solving environmental issues would improve.

Another aspect of the theme that was highlighted was reusing and recycling trash. There were volunteers who taught kids how to make recycled art and many well-made crafts and frames were on display. Many participated in the games centered on environmental awareness that aimed to raise money for charity. Moreover, even the games were made of recycled material to emphasize the theme.  While the games were entertaining, they and the other stalls helped to raise money for charity. Proceeds would go to buy Hippo water rollers for women and children in the Thar Desert in Pakistan to help them transport water due to the lack of a plumping system. 

Another inspiring sight at the festival was the organic produce stall, allowing visitors a chance to buy produce grown in Kuwait. Many visitors signed the pledge wall, promising to be treat the environment with respect.

The stage was beautifully done to showcase a big lineup of performers, there was a magic show, talented entertainers, and during the breaks, eminent speakers talked about environmental issues to the gathering of families and students.

The organizers had invited Dr. Khaled A. Mahdi from Kuwait Institute for Scientific Researches (KISR) and Dr. Abdul-Karim Sadik, a leading specialist in the world on Food Production and Food Security to share their thoughts on the subject. These wonderful speakers talked about the importance of preserving the environment and the connection between the environment and food security. The highly recognized group Loyac was invited to act on the stage. 

A few volunteers talked to The Times, Kuwait about their experience at the festival.  Sheika Roomi, from Grade 10, said, “This festival is very new to Kuwait and brings environmental awareness to the people. It is an exciting opportunity for me to contribute to the awareness of the environment. I also met a lot of people from other schools, and it was a fun to meet new people.”

The initiative which is the innovation of the Science Teacher at Al Bayan Bilingual School, Ms. Seema Faruqui, and organized by Dana Nabulsi and Sherifa Al-Hajeri validates a live educational and productive platform to develop the students’ sense of respect and social obligation towards the world and the environment.

“What I Stand For Is What I Stand On”, the motto that BBS Students Dana Nabulsi and Sherifa Al-Hajeri, believe in. Leading Improvement Towards Earth, LITE, is an environmental society dedicated towards protecting and raising awareness for the environment. Their aim is to raise awareness for the environmental problem that the entire world face on a daily basis.

Dana and Sherifa, Grade 11, said: “Caring for the environment is not only a way to give to our generation and the future generations, but it is a way to give back to the planet that has been giving us more than we could ever give back”, “So, that is why we are planning on organizing the GreenFest Annually,” they added.

At the end of the GreenFest, Mrs. Faruqui said: “ Supporting environment is the most important lesson we can teach the youth of today”.

By Christina Pinto
Staff Writer

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