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Al-Adsani criticizes govt for purchasing airplanes for KAC – Strange and suspicious
June 15, 2017, 9:43 am

MP Riyadh Al- Adsani has criticized the government for purchasing airplanes for Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) only to sell and lease them to the same company — actions which he considers strange and suspicious.

Al-Adsani made the statement in a press conference at the National Assembly. He wondered how long the country will move within an incorrect framework of compromise, favoritism, ‘wasta’ (influence) and discrimination.

He said the salary chapter costs the State billions of Kuwaiti dinars annually and the corrupt government has done nothing to address the problem. He clarified that he fully supports the overseas treatment of patients who really need it but he does not tolerate those who go for ‘tourism treatment’.

He called on all concerned authorities and ministers to stop the use of ‘wasta’ (influence) in appointments and processing of transactions, asserting that supporting a person who does not deserve overseas treatment is against the law.

He said all members of the Assembly must endorse issues in the interest of the public while preventing random appointments with intermediaries and through favoritism. He warned any minister who supports undeserving persons just to satisfy a lawmaker or an influential personality should expect political accountability.

He claimed the government is in disarray and this contributes to spread of corruption; hence, the need to stop wastage of public funds, follow proper procedures in employing people, develop the country’s human resources, and address the observations of regulators.

Meanwhile, MP Mohammed Al-Huwailah has emphasized the need to study the possibility of increasing the allowances of Kuwaiti students who shoulder their living and education expenses — whether they are studying in or outside the country.

He based his proposal on the stipulation of the Constitution that education is a fundamental pillar of the progress of a society; guaranteed by the State to cover the country’s needs for specialists, professionals and experts in various fields.

He said the development plans of the State must be taken into account, while contributing to the advancement of thought and Science as well as the development of human values.

He disclosed a large number of Kuwaiti tertiary students in and outside the country shoulder their own expenses, indicating most of them come from families with limited income and their parents are pensioners, yet they have to bear the high cost of living in other countries.

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