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Al- Yousifi’s Day of Photography
November 12, 2013, 1:53 pm

Above the skies of Kuwait
Atop Commercial Towers in Kuwait: "Al- Yousifi’s Day of   Photography"

Integrated Media Solution Services marketing and advertising Organization Company announced the “Sunset of Kuwait's Photography Event". The Event offers an opportunity for Photography lovers, men and women, to participate in taking pictures from atop Panasonic Tower in Al-Salhya.

To be held over two days, the Event lasts for two hours each day starting just before sunset an hour after that.

The first of its kind, the Event is sponsored by Essa Hussein Alyousifi and Son’s Company and By Essa Hussein Alyousifi Charity. It intends to encourage Kuwaiti youth to enhance their photography skills and to develop their artistic potentials.

Dr. Adel Essa Alyousifi, the man behind this unique Event, said that the event is an effort to provide opportunity to the youth to develop their hobby of photography into a wider horizon; thus contributing to the activities of the art of photography in Kuwait.

The spokesman for the event, Faisal Ahmed Ben Dhofari, said that the event provides an opportunity for photographers, especially amateurs, to learn the basic techniques and methods of photography and picture-taking. It is a platform for all, but particularly for beginners who love photography, to manifest their abilities in the art of photography.

Ben Dhofari added inviting those who are interested to register for the event at the following web-site:
Ben Dhofari further emphasized the importance of team-work and development of camera proper usage in an effort to perpetrate a culture of photography appreciation.

“Photography is not merely for exhibition, it is a reflection of images in our surrounding” he added. He cited several matters that must be born in mind for “photo-taking as a good photo does not require an expensive tool”, he added, “Good photographers can make good use of they have available”. The potentials and limits of one’s camera are necessities that one must be aware of for thorough knowledge of one’s camera is fundamental for good photo-taking.

Engineer Majed Alza’aaby and photographer Mohammad Alsultan are amongst some of the experts who will attend the Event. Participants in this Event must be at least 23 years of age and it will take place over two days: one for women, and another day for men.
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