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Airport immigration seizes 118 wanted persons, 11 in forgeries
August 10, 2017, 9:02 am

 General Department of Public Relations and Media Security of Ministry of Interior disclosed that the Department of Traffic Regulation at Kuwait International Airport carried out 2,244 security missions last month, in line with efforts exerted by the General Directorate of Airport Security to organize the traffic within the vicinity of Kuwait International Airport.

In a press release issued by the ministry, the department revealed that 20 vehicles were seized, 2,223 traffic citations were issued and one accident was dealt with. It urged citizens and residents to abide by the laws and traffic regulations and not to disrupt traffic, especially in vital facilities.

Meanwhile, the department said the statistics of Kuwait Airport Immigration revealed that the total number of travelers through Kuwait International Airport in the month of July was 1,185,623. It explained that the arriving passengers were 533,270 including 201,726 Kuwaitis, 31,882 GCC nationals and 299,662 expatriates of other nationalities.

The departure traffic was 652,353 travelers including 256,426 Kuwaitis, 36,484 GCC nationals and 359,443 expatriates of other nationalities. The number of visas issued was 15,884.

The Airport Immigration Department handled 54 cases to examine fingerprints, which resulted in the arrest of 11 passengers for forging traveling documents. Eleven others were cleared to enter the country. In addition, 118 travelers were apprehended as they were wanted by concerned authorities for various cases.

Source: Arab Times

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