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Aging the healthy way
May 11, 2014, 11:29 am

Regular healthy behaviors like eating a nutritious diet, regular exercise and avoiding self-defeating habits can help you grow old more slowly, avoid age-related diseases and improve your longevity in general. Starting today, try out these small actions designed to  keep you living a longer, better life.

Green Smoothie: A green smoothie — a blended mix of leafy greens and fruit — packs healthy servings into one big glass, with no cooking and little effort. If can add to the health quotient by tossing in a source of omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber like hemp hearts or chia seeds. A green smoothie can also help you lose weight, since boosting the water content within your food keeps you satisfied longer.

Vigorous Exercise: Five minutes a day of vigorous exercise may seem like a ridiculously small amount, but small, consistent actions bear results. Since the first minute or so of any exercise activity seems to be the most difficult to do, chances are good that you will stick with the activity if you simply get started.

Meditate: Practicing mindful meditation for even brief periods induces the same brain changes and long-term health benefits associated with much lengthier sessions. Fill a typically unproductive few minutes in a bank or grocery store lineup by focusing on your breathing, and taking stock of the mood that threatens to overtake you. It is a great introduction to the practice of meditation, one that might convince you to set aside more time for reflection each day moving forward.

Weight awareness: No one wants to obsess over the number on their scale, especially if they are trying to concentrate on the bigger picture of aging well. But carrying too much weight on your frame can hurt your longevity, and contribute to serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and fatty liver disease. Checking your weight at least once a week will help you adjust your daily eating plan before you gain any more. If you are trying to lose weight, stepping on the scale once a week will give you a realistic picture of your progress.


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