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Agility commences Internship for students from Kuwait University College of Life Sciences
June 24, 2014, 1:38 pm

Agility has kicked off its annual summer internship for students from Kuwait University.  The internship program is being conducted in partnership with the Kuwait University College of Life Sciences, and focuses on building a cadre of women leaders. A total of 14 students were selected from 50 applicants to attend the program.

The participating students come from different academic majors including political science, marketing, accounting, management, chemical engineering and computer science. During the seven-week internship, the interns will be assigned to various departments in Agility and engage in hands-on work related to their academic majors. This includes working on real commercial projects under the mentorship of Agility managers.

In addition, the students will also attend various leadership training sessions focused on personal and professional development. The goal of the internship program is to foster an understanding of the private sector among the interns, and to empower these students to become business leaders.

Speaking at the launch of the program, Suad Al Sheikh, Head of Office of Consultation and Training (OCT), College of Life Sciences, Kuwait University said: “The Office of Consultation and Training at the College of Life Sciences opened the gates to the private sector work environment for students of the Kuwait University. This helped transition their theoretical knowledge into practical experience. The main goal of OCT was to empower these women to work in the private sector and to help them become future entrepreneurs. This internship program provides fresh graduates with a strong foundation to build their career path by giving them a head start into the corporate world.  We are pleased to partner with Agility to give these young women an opportunity to build a high profile career through this valuable internship program.”

Tarek Sultan, CEO and Vice Chairman of Agility said, “Now more than ever, it’s important for young people to join the private sector in Kuwait. Times in Kuwait are changing, and there are currently many opportunities for Kuwaitis to start their careers in the private sector where they can gain immensely from a professional and personal standpoint. Agility is honored to have the opportunity to share our experiences and culture with these outstanding students from Kuwait University. These young leaders represent our community’s future business leaders and professionals, so we value the opportunity to engage with them and also learn from their ideas and experience.”

The internship program is part of Agility’s efforts to contribute to the communities where we live and work in.

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