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Advani lost in the crowd - Times have changed
May 28, 2014, 9:53 am



The man who once dominated the horizon of Indian politics and the one who catapulted the BJP from a mere 2 seats in Parliament in 1984 to 88 in 1989, L K Advani was lost in the crowd when Narendra Modi took the oath of office.  Although seated in the front row, the magical charm that once personified Advani was amiss nor the aura that he once enjoyed.

It was a signal indeed those times have changed. A new wind is blowing, the baton have changed and Advani’s voice has become feeble in the new crowd.

No one knows what will be Advani role in the new dispensation and would ironically to be decided by the man who once used to run his campaign in Gandhinagar.  At that time Advani was not aware even the name of Modi who was just a party worker.

Advani word which once used to be a law is now not heard as even those who owe their political career to him have sense that times have changed. Modi who singehanedly wrote the new history of BJP by winning the full majority, iks rthe new icon of the party and the nation.

Not only Advani, even stalwart like Dr Murli Manohar Joshi who once headed the party as its President is as lost as his colleague. His name for a possible post is like a jumping jack in the media world  in the absence of final word from Narendra Modi.

From Speaker to a cabinet berth all have fallen in the lap of Dr Joshi according to TV report but nothing came.  The portfolio of Human Resource Development which he once occupied under Vajpayee regime has gone to Smriti Irani, a TV actress which will rub slat to his wound.

Modi has ensured that his writ runs large in whatever he does and it was clear in the Cabinet formation.  Every name in the new ministry and every assignment bore the stamp of the new Prime Minister.

If he left senior leaders like Shatrughan Sinha, Rajiv Rudy. S S Ahluwalia or Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and did not give representation to several states like West Bengal, Kerala, Uttarakhand or Himachal in the first lot, it was his prerogative.

This is evident that Modi focal area would be to fulfill the promises he made to the people and he carved out a team which could help him achieve the target. In this roadmap, the role of senior members of BJP may not find a place but the new Indian Prime Minister has ensured that the respect they deserve would be ensured.  It is not their work he needs, but the blessings to run the government without them.

The best once can say to the senior leaders is adieu.

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