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Advanced technology takes scanning to new heights at Images Diagnostic Center
October 11, 2015, 10:43 am

Images Diagnostic Center (IDC) was recently accredited with the Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE) by the American College of Radiology (ACR). This international recognition of the best-quality imaging practices and diagnostic care provided at IDC also makes the Center the first in the entire Middle-East to earn this designation.

It was in the interest of continuing to provide providing quality-care and services, using the latest advanced technology in the field of diagnostic scanning, that Dr. Yahya Slaiman, General Manager at Images Diagnostic Center, recently acquired the Stress Cardiac MRI Scan machine.

The machine, a marvel of medical technology, is far ahead in terms of comfort, accuracy and efficiency compared to the older models, said Dr. Slaiman. During a recent exclusive interview with The Times Kuwait, Dr. Slaiman elaborated on the benefits of the new machine, adding that it was used in hospitals and clinics around the world to detect early signs of cardiac problems.

When a patient has chest pains typical of a cardiac problem, but diagnoses using regular tests reveal no abnormal signs, then the Stress Cardiac MRI Scan has become the standard method in developed countries to delve into the person’s underlying cardiac issues.  The process involved in Stress Cardiac MRI Scan is simple and it is quite easy to discover a person’s cardiac problem by examining the various areas of the heart following artificial stress stimulation in the heart using chemicals, said Dr. Slaiman.

With this machine, practitioners can examine the blood flow through the heart muscle and understand how well the muscle is working.  They can check to see if there are any blockages, cardiac infractions and weakness in heart muscles and problems associated with heart contraction, as well as observe the functioning of the heart and the quality of the cardiac muscles. If there are constrictions or other obstructions, then the practitioner can access the reasons for it and treat the patient accordingly.  “The machine works quickly,” says Dr. Slaiman, “and it has other advantages, including increased safety, no radiation and the ability to detect cardiac problems early on.”  He added that Images Diagnostics Center is presently the only hospital in Kuwait offering a Stress Cardiac MRI scan.

Expanding on some of the reasons why a patient would prefer a Stress Cardiac MRI scan, Dr. Slaiman said, “Many patients have had a bad experience with the older models. The old machine created a feeling of claustrophobia, and completely enclosed the patient in a narrow space, and moreover, the examination took a long time. It also emitted a very loud noise that made patients nervous and anxious about the procedure.”

He continued, “The new model solves all these problems by providing a calm atmosphere that does not disturb or cause the patient to panic and provides results in the shortest possible time. This also helps to reduce the phobia that some patients have about the MRI Scan. Also, the procedure is easier to go through and does not put any pressure on the patient.”

There have been more than 500 patients who have undergone Stress Cardiac MRI scan since the machine was launched at IDC and the reaction has been very positive. “The machine is very safe for women and children, and it is compatible for even those people who have special heart conditions and are using modern pacemakers,” added Dr. Slaiman.

The environment and the highly qualified staff at IDC also contribute to putting the patients at ease. Even the interior décor at IDC, which has a relaxed pop culture design, does not create the impression that it is a medical center. “We try to create a nice, comfortable and friendly atmosphere at IDC, especially when the patient is about to use our scan services,” emphasized Dr. Slaiman. He added, “We not only work to reduce any tension our patients might feel about the procedure, but also ensure that they are fully at ease before using the new machine, this helps us provide the best service to the patient at all times.” 

- Christina Pinto
Staff Writer

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