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Add glitter to your beauty look
October 1, 2014, 10:51 am

Glitter is the best and worst thing to happen to makeup. When you’re younger, all you want is glitter on your face, and while some girls struggle to leave behind the blinding trend once they pass puberty, others transition it into a sophisticated, shimmery makeup look. With the holidays in full swing, it is the season to bust out the sparkles, but with caution. Below, here is how to add glitter to your beauty look — the right way.

Sophisticated shadow: Instead of going wild with a pot of glitter on your eyelids, apply a darker base shadow from your upper lash line to your crease. Then use a glitter eyeshadow that’s about one to two shades darker than your skin tone in your crease and just a bit lower, but not all the way to the lash line. A concentrated amount of glitter offset by a darker shadow color will allow you to wear the glitter, not the other way around.

Mix it up: Mixing two glitter colors together is no easy feat, but here is a great trick: If you have a warm skin tone, stick with gold and other warm-toned colors. If you have a cool skin tone, stick with silver and cool-toned shades. For a multi-colored eyeshadow look, layer two complimentary colors that look amazing against your skin tone and flatter your eyes. Then, select an eyeliner to draw on the lash line for added dimension to the glittery finish.

When you're really creating a statement with one area of your look in this case, the eyes, tone down the rest of your face and balance the glitter makeup with a soft pink lip, clear skin and subtle highlights.

Layer it over a french manicure: Everyone’s doing a new twist on the French manicure lately, and glitter’s the perfect topping to finish off your tips. After applying a clear base coat, paint a French tip with black polish along your nail. Then, layer on a medium-sized glitter not too chunky, not too fine polish for some shimmer. Offset by the darker tips, the glitter is the co-star of the manicure instead of the headliner.

Highlight your cheekbones: Let us be clear on this: don’t use glitter shadow as highlighter on your face. Nothing will get you put on the “What was she thinking?!” list faster, so be sure you’re using a fine, sheer shimmer powder but just a hint of glitter. In a C-shape from the bottom of your temple to just before the apple of your cheek, apply your highlighter and say hello to your new cheekbones.

Pretty your pout: Deep colour lipstick is huge this season, and mixing it with a touch of glitter really highlights the center of your lips, making them appear larger – a great tip for girls with thin lips.

To get this look, choose a bold lipstick with clear sheen, then dab a little glitter in the middle of the lips for a fabulous full pout.

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