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Activities for Kids while travelling
July 25, 2013, 10:28 am

Most of us ride in a car or on a bus routinely with our kids; this time could be used to promote reading activities with your preschooler or kindergartner.

Reading signs: Young children will recognize signs and symbols of favorite places like fast food restaurants, toy stores and even brightly lit office buildings. As you ride, point out large signs that are not so familiar. Name the pictures and read the words.

Bus timings: You can get bus schedules for many different busses at the bus station. Show your child the bus schedule for the bus that you take. Explain that the schedule shows what time the bus comes or arrives at the stop. It also shows what time the bus leaves, or departs. "A bus schedule helps us know what time we need to walk to the bus stop so we can catch the bus" You can explain a lot about timings and schedules, and the importance about being on time.

Ride and read: Keep some familiar children's picture books in the car for your child to look at. Your child can look at the pictures and tell you the story in his own way. You can ask questions that encourage your child to explain the story to you and share his thoughts.

Radio ride: Listening to music is one of the best family moments you can create in a car. Find a radio station that broadcasts music that both you and your child like. If you can't find one, take turns choosing. Listen to the music, and sing along to the words, explaining the meaning of those words that your child does not know. If not, talk about how the music sounds and how it makes you feel. "This music sounds like elephants trumpeting. It wakes me up!" Try different types of music- country, rock and roll, jazz, and classical. Let your child learn to appreciate the beauty of different kinds of music. 

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