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Abu Dhabi couple arrested for maid’s murder
March 10, 2014, 10:37 am

A couple have been arrested for murder after their maid’s body was discovered in the desert.

The body of the illegal worker, which was found in Al Ajaban, was found wrapped in cloth and covered with chemical burns.

“CID officers, along with specialist entities from the police force, were mobilised. Upon their arrival they discovered that the corpse was a dead woman that had been killed deliberately in a premeditated crime. The team carried out an investigation at the scene of the crime and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) quickly assigned another investigation team from the Psychological Crimes Section to collect information and investigate this mysterious murder,” said Colonel Dr Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of CID.

CID was able to identify two suspects, M.A., who works for a contracting company and his wife, R.E., a housewife.

Both were arrested within a few hours of the crime being reported. They initially denied the accusations but reportedly confessed that they committed the crime after a dispute broke out between them and the victim at their Khalifa City residence.

According to police reports, M.A. said that his wife beat the victim to death with a stick, after which he proceeded to pour chemicals over her body in a bid to keep her identity anonymous. The pair then reportedly packed the body in a suitcase and drove to Al Ajaban where they buried it in the sand.

R.E. was apprehended at an Abu Dhabi hotel and confessed to her involvement in the crime, a statement by Abu Dhabi Police said.

Colonel Borshid said that upon arresting the couple, procedures took place with the Department of Social Support Centres of Abu Dhabi Police to provide shelter for one of the couple’s children who is two years old. Their second child, who is eight months old, remains with R.E. in prison.


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