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About 57 percent report for work after break
June 21, 2018, 8:32 am

The government offices witnessed a remarkable calm as employees went back to work after the Eid Al- Fitr holidays. The daily added, most government offices witnessed a crowd of visitors while the attendance of employees did not exceed 57 percent.

However, the officials at the Ministries Complex and at other government agencies said the absence was ‘legal’ or what they called in accordance with the law saying the ‘absent’ employees were either on annual leave or have sent in sick leave document.

The officials added, no one is allowed to remain absent without a valid reason. In the meantime, the officials stressed those who were absent without excuse shall be referred to the legal affairs department, pointing out that ministers have stressed on completion of the transactions without delay in the best interests of the people without any hindrance of work.

The officials added personnel from the Civil Service Commission visit the ministries to ensure no one is absent without a valid reason.

Source: Arab Times

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