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About 40 new diabetes cases detected among kids annually
June 13, 2016, 8:49 am

Chairperson of Endocrine Gland Union, consultant at pediatric section of the Sabah Hospital Dr Zaydan Al-Mazidi affirmed that the rate of clients visiting the endocrine gland section has reduced by 75 percent since the start of Ramadan compared to normal days. He attributed the change to differences in working hours and patients concentrating on their fast.

In a statement, he revealed that the hospital records 40 new cases of diabetes annually among 1,00,000 children below 15 years old and 4 cases of hypothalamic among 1,000 children in Kuwait, whereas only 3 percent of children worldwide suffer from brachymorphic and 3 children out of a thousand live with hormonal disorder.

Meanwhile, he announced the endocrine gland summit slated for Oct 9-10 and eight doctors and specialists from Britain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait will be participating in the activities.

In relation to the summit organized by Kuwait Doctors Association titled ‘long term treatment for hormonal disorder’, several issues will be discussed concerning ways of treating brachymorphic from childhood until maturity, and also after maturity, besides several topics related to diabetes, insulin pump, stem cells and modern apparatus of treating diabetes among other chronic diseases. 

Source: Arab Times

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