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Abou El Sid - breakfast served Egyptian style
January 31, 2016, 11:05 am

True to their culinary roots, Abou El Sid’s authentic Egyptian cuisine now brings a full breakfast spread to complement their highly popular lunch and dinner menus. The interior ambiance and beautiful voice of legendary Om Kalthoum transports you to the streets of Old Cairo while the scents wafting from the kitchen will leave you wanting to order every single item on the menu.

From authentic décor to the incredible music serenading you while you eat, everything at Abou El Sid is very Egyptian. Offering an extensive list of deliciously fresh breakfast items to choose from, the dish combinations are seemingly endless.

The Fried Eggs with Foul prepared the Egyptian way is simply perfect, with rightly seasoned and tangy foul enhancing the freshness of Fava beans. Also on the menu is the Abou El Sid’s rendition of a Scotch Egg – the Abou El Sid Taameya, a falafel containing a boiled egg.

The regular Taameya, crispy and brown on the outside with a sprinkle of roasted sesame seeds, and vibrant green on the inside is also not to be missed. The sides of Tahini, Kishk with Yogurt, Bessara, and a Yogurt Cucumber dip, add to the breakfast offerings. Also on the menu are scrambled eggs, as well as a potato mash with boiled egg yolk on top that is simply creamy and delectable.

For cheese fans there are spicy White Cheese, Roumi Cheese, and the Falamanki Cheese combination in mini-makeshift-sandwiches. Roumi, for those who are not familiar with Arabic cuisine, is the Egyptian rendition of the Italian Parmesan, while the Falamanki can be likened to the Dutch Edam.

To get the true Egyptian experience, end your breakfast with Fetir Mishaltit. Fetir is a pastry that resembles something between a chapatti and a croissant, with an almost endless topping combination of honey, jam, mixed nuts and cream. To get an even better taste, combine almost equal parts of unseasoned tahini and molasses, dip the Fetir in this and enjoy.

Abou El Sid is located near the entrance to Green Island on the Arabian Gulf Road. For more information, call 2226 4525, visit

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