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Aam Aadmi Society Kuwait starts NRI campaign
October 1, 2016, 11:40 am

The Core Executives from the Aam Aadmi Society Kuwait (AASK) held a meeting at Farwaniya on 30 September to condemn the recent political murders in Kerala and India, communal violence and hate politics.

AASK stated in its message for its 2016 campaign aimed at the Indian community that hatred, communal politics and cultureless attitude in social and political field will not make any gains for the nation. The message was that the community should concentrate on ‘All human are equal’ policy. The message highlighted that the people in society should develop into better citizens to build the nation, and not be uncivilized to destroy peace and unity in India.

The meeting urged the people of India and across the globe to eliminate discrimination and stop all promoters of hate for better harmony in society.

The meeting was attended by AASK Convener Mubarack Kambrath, General Secretary Thomas Mathai, Secretary Vijayan Innassiya, Joint Secretary Aju Marose, Treasurer Seby Sebastian and other core executive members like  Shahoor Ali, Eldho, Shinu Mataththil, Bibin Chacko, Saleem Koduvally, Sibi Avarappat, Rasheed Puthukkulangara and Unaise Thoppil.

The meeting adjoined with the decision to propagate the non-violent cooperation and a message to Indians in Kuwait and abroad on the need of ignoring differences in religion, ideologies, caste, creed or color.


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