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Aam Aadmi Society Kuwait (AASK) general meeting held at Abu-Halifa, Kuwait
October 4, 2015, 10:36 am

Aam Aadmi Society Kuwait (AASK) held its 4th general meeting in Abu-Halifa on 25 September from 5-8pm. Aam Aadmi means common man. As such, this society is open to everyone.

The purpose of the meeting was to convey the organization’s ideals and goals to new members.  Thomas Mathai welcomed everyone to the meeting. The Convener, Mubarack Kambrath, gave a speech on the need of supporting the needy society, and the responsibility of each Indian to help develop India. He also insisted that caste, creed, colour and social status shouldn’t and wouldn’t be a barrier among AASK members and their family abroad in relation to the social and cultural support to society.

Digant Kapoor shared his experience of working in a political campaign during the New Delhi 2015 elections, and emphasized the importance of being conscious about India’s development. Mr. Fakhruddin shared highlights of the Delhi government’s work thus far which is reflecting the success of Anti-corruption movements in India. 

AASK is a cultural organization that supports the free exchange of ideas, and seeks to foster active citizenship among the Indian community in Kuwait. It was founded to help improve the lives of Indians in Kuwait and India. The society believes that the best way to do this is through greater interconnectedness among the Indian community, and by increasing people’s awareness of their role in society.

AASK has collected donations on behalf of Indian labour in Kuwait when they suffer medical emergencies. For example, over KD 200 was donated to a Mr. Faisal in July 2015 who returned to India because of a failed kidney. Another Patient from India, Mr. Ratheesh was supported for cell transplantation surgery. The society also collects donations to fund education among India’s low-income youth.

AASK is sponsoring economically back work students in India on education support, earning facilities, and also on promoting organic agriculture production. Attendees were encouraged to introduce themselves and share their views on what role AASK should play. One attendee recommended starting a dedicated help line for Indians in Kuwait. The society appreciated everyone’s inputs and will strive to provide legal help, blood donations, and boost charitable activities. Any India who is interested to support weaker part of society may get in touch with AASK.

Sebastian Vathukkadan, AASK Secretary explained them the future activities and programs AASK is planning to carryout in forthcoming years. Rachpal Singh, Shahul Hameed, Faisal Kambrath, Arun, Salu where few among attendees who gave motivating complimentary speech and appreciations for AASK activities,

Meeting was adjourned with a thanksgiving speech by AASK Treasurer Seby Sebastian.


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