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ASSE holds Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
September 4, 2017, 4:27 pm

American Society of Safety Engineers, (ASSE) Kuwait Chapter, constantly strives to offer a range of high-end services to enhance skills and knowledge of HSE Professionals in the region. As part of their constant and on-going endeavour to add value to chapter members' knowledge profile with a variety of different training sessions, ASSE offered the third training program for the term 2017-18 called 'Environmental & Social Impact Assessment' on 4 August, 2017, at Kohinoor Training Hall in Fahaheel.

ASSE- Kuwait Chapter lead by Chairman Fadhel Al Ali, is a non- profit organization which always strives to excel in providing quality trainings and consultation in the field of Health Safety and Environment all across different public and private sectors in Kuwait.

Jahid Thakor, Acting chapter Secretary, shared in the opening address briefed about chapter activities. Muhammad Alamgir, President of ASSE Kuwait chapter welcomed the participants and enlightened the significance of the training programs and motivated HSE Professionals to keep them up-to-date with new laws and regulations. In his brief address, he highlighted that the training program is not only to get certification in the field of Health, Safety & Environment, but also to enhance knowledge and its implementation to improve the systems. Riaz Shareef, Director Professional Development Conference (PDC) - 2017, presented an overview of upcoming PDC in 28 and 29 November, 2017at Millennium Hotel Kuwait.

Adnan Yousaf, Head of Training Committee, in his brief address, shared that it’s the biggest ever training session in ASSE Kuwait Chapter history where more than 170 members participated and the programme was awarded 0.4 CEUS along with a certificate for participation. He specially thanked ASSE Global Region Vice President Ashok Garlapati for his presence in the Training Programme and his encouragement and motivation to all Young HSE Professionals in the region to become future leaders. Mr. Adnan introduced the trainer Walid Amin Consulting Service Manager Wataniya Environmental Services Company.

Mr. Walid has extensive experience in providing environmental consulting services since 2001 who leads a group of environmental engineers and scientists, providing multi-discipline consulting services in Middle East. During session he provided an overview of ESIA process in state of Kuwait and explained fundamental of environmental tools, different stages of ESIA, Assessment methods, case studies in line with the K-EPA Regulations & International Practices.

As a token of appreciation, Mr. Walid was recognised with a memento by the ASSE Global Region Vice President Ashok Garlapati, Chapter President. Muhammad Alamgir, chapter Vice President Aamir Rasheed, Acting Secretary Jahid Thakor and, Head of Training Committee, Adnan Yousaf.

Aamir Rasheed, Vice President of ASSE Kuwait chapter, in his closing remarks thanked the trainer and congratulated the Training Committee  team for arranging such a historical Training Session. He also shared with members that success is not a destination, it’s a continues journey.

He also thanked all the participants for their interest shown towards HSE training sessions arranged by the chapter. At the end of program, tea along with snacks was arranged for the gathering. 

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