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ASSE conducts Orientation Meeting for its New Committee
August 4, 2016, 5:40 pm

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), Kuwait Chapter conducted an Orientation meeting on 24 July 2015 at Hotel Safir, Fintas for the newly nominated Heads of the committees for the year 2016-17. Chapter President Mr. CH. Rama Krushna Chary started the meeting with the welcome address and explained the objective of the orientation meeting. He thanked all the Committee Heads, Deputy Heads & Committee members for accepting the volunteer positions to serve the Chapter voluntarily. During this meeting, he explained about ASSE and ASSE Kuwait Chapter strategies, mission and vision. He also briefed about the upcoming major events of the chapter ASSE GCC HSE Excellence Award 2017, which is one of the challenge during the year.  He emphasized the teamwork in achieving the objectives and goals of the Chapter.

Chapter Secretary Sanjay Jaiswal briefed about the chapter activities. He explained about the roles and responsibilities of each Committee, organization structure of the Chapter, Chapter protocols etc. He briefed on the development of the annual planner of the Chapter, the Committee Plans, programs and other important issued pertaining to the Chapter. He has requested all the Committee Heads to have a SMART plan to achieve their respective committee targets.

During this orientation meeting, all concerns of Committee Heads & their members were clarified by Chapter elected members and open discussion was held on the challenges ahead. The meeting concluded with closing remarks by Chapter Vice President,  Muhammad Alamgir, who wished all the committees for a successful year ahead. The participants included the Elected Members, Committee Heads, Deputy Heads & Sub-committee members of the Chapter Term 2016-2017.

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