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ASEAN Family Day 2018 organized in Kuwait
December 18, 2018, 5:14 pm
Around 300 nationals of ASEAN member countries joined the ASEAN Family Day organised by the ASEAN Committee in Kuwait (ACK) at Kuwait University Sport Facilities on 15 December. At the opening, Ambassador of Thailand to Kuwait,  H.E. Dusit Manapan, current chair of the ACK, thanked the ASEAN community for their active participation in all ASEAN activities which demonstrated unity and friendship among ASEAN countries and peoples. Activities included zumba dancing, games, friendly football match, raffles and sharing of national food.
The ASEAN Family Day is an annual event of ACK intended to build and enhance the relationship among the ASEAN embassies and communities in Kuwait. This event not only encourages unity among ASEAN countries but also strengthens the identity of ASEAN communities in the host country.
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