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ASEAN Community in Kuwait holds 6th Futsal tournament
March 17, 2018, 1:19 pm

The 6th Futsal Tournament, held at the indoor court of Kazma Club on Friday, witnessed the participation of the embassies of Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Japan, South Korea, Laos and was under the chairmanship of Indonesia. The six-hour event ended with the Green Team comprised of diplomats from Vietnam, Laos and China winning the championship round.

“I am very thankful with the support of the other embassies for taking time and spending their busy hours to come and enjoy the matches. I also thank each embassy for their wonderful contribution for making the event successful and fun. We have more activities in store for the year and we hope to see everyone participate in them,” said Ambassador of Indonesia to Kuwait H.E. Tatang Budie Razak, and present chairperson of the ASEAN Community in Kuwait (ACK).

The event kicked off with the opening remarks by the host of the event followed by the opening remarks by the Indonesian Envoy. Ambassador Razak also delivered a successful kick-off ceremony to mark the opening of the tournament. The White Team: Indonesia, Japan and South Korea faced off against the Green team: Vietnam, Laos and China followed by the Black Team: Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia against the Yellow Team: Philippines, Brunei and Cambodia. The final results of the tournament were as follows: Champion – Green team, Second Place – Yellow team, Third place – Blue team, and Fourth Place – Black Team. Trophies and medals were awarded to the winners. Each embassy also prepared food and refreshment for everyone.

The event was part of the series of activities organized under the leadership of Indonesian envoy. These types of activities help to strengthen the relationship among ASEAN countries and partners, as well as establishes stronger ties among the ASEAN community in the host country.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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