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AMP and Universal Institute organizes CV writing and interview skills workshop
August 5, 2018, 3:30 pm

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) in association with Universal Institute conducted a 'CV writing and Interview Skills Workshop' on Saturday, 4 August, at the Universal Institute in Salmiya. It was attended by members of AMP from different fields of work, fresh graduates and seasoned professionals. 

The event started with AMP President Arif Durrani welcoming the participants and thanking Universal Institute and its trainer for standing with AMP for this event. Later, Fareeha Mazhar (Business Associate of Universal Institute) shared a presentation on the different training programs and courses that are being successfully run by them for more than 10 years.

The event was presented by Mohammed Sami (SHRM USA and CIPD UK), a great and inspiring certified trainer of Universal Institute. His knowledge and communication style was engaging to the students. A very notable lesson was how body language plays a very critical role in evaluating an individual.

During the interactive session, the attendees shared their experiences of getting interviewed and learned how different situations at the time of interview should be handled to ensure a successful interview. There was a lot to take home for the attendees, which will benefit them in today’s competitive world. These skills will provide an edge over others, where there are hundreds and thousands to compete against. People benefited from the training skills, expertise and experiences shared by the trainer.

At the end, AMP presented participation certificates to all the attendees and momentos of appreciation to Universal Institute. Abdullah Hasan Thakur, Patron AMP thanked the audience for attending the session and stressed on the point that how important this session was and how this can be a game changer in the life of an individual. He also thanked Universal Institute (sponsors for this event) for partnering in this great workshop and providing this opportunity.

Special thanks were offered to Farzeen Rumane from AMP Kuwait for organizing and coordinating this whole event.

After the success of this session, AMP would like to organize more of these sessions on a regular basis to ensure that most members of the community benefit from this.

AMP in a pursuit to serve the Indian community has been doing similar events in the past; conducting SDL’s (Skill Development Lectures) across various skill areas.. i.e, Microsoft office, Financial Tools, Career Counselling and a mega event (Job fair) which was conducted in May 2018. 

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