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ALARGAN spearheads successful beach cleaning initiative
February 21, 2016, 3:53 pm

In line with its corporate social responsibility commitment to help build a sustainable future, environmentally conscious real estate developer ALARGAN International Real Estate Company partnered with the Environmental Voluntary Foundation in an effort to clean the beach of Shuwaikh Free Trade Zone, home to ALARGAN’s LEED Platinum Certified headquarters within the ARGAN Business Park.

The beach cleaning initiative was held on the beach directly across from ARGAN Business Park on 15 February and it witnessed ALARGAN International, the volunteer foundation, and several other companies located within the Free Trade Zone, come together to clean the beach in a concerted effort.

Aimed at highlighting the necessity to conserve Kuwait’s beaches and create a healthier environment, the ALARGAN group of volunteers committed themselves to removing the large amount of refuse and waste from the beach side.

ALARGAN International CEO and Deputy Chairman Engineer Khaled Khudhair Al-Meshaan, commenting on the beach cleaning exercise, said:  “Fully aligned withthe company’s brand values and sustainability directive, our partnership today with the public sector Environmental Voluntary Foundationhelps groups such as this maintain awareness of the need to keep Kuwait’s beaches pollution-free.

“As a corporate mandate, ALARGAN looks to sustainability as a core tenet of who we are, including ensuring the environment around us is maintained with an overall outlook on a sustainable future for all. Individuals and corporates can make a difference by helping people to operate in a safe and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper; thus, we will continueinitiating activities and partnering with organizations  for a safeguarded future, such as working diligently to create an internationally recognized, environmentally sound headquarters. Certified by the US Green Building Council, our LEED Platinum headquarters at the ARGAN Business Park in the Shuwaikh Free Trade Zone helps us minimize our eco-footprint on the area around us, including the beach side directly across from the office park.”

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