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ALARGAN hosts ACK students at LEED certified Argan Business Park to discuss sustainability
October 12, 2015, 5:08 pm

As part of ALARGAN International Real Estate Company’s commitment to their motto “Life… As You Love It,” the environmentally conscious developer hosted over 60 students from the Austrian College of Kuwait at their LEED Certified Argan Business Park complex, in Shuwaikh’s Free Trade Zone Monday, 11 October , to discuss the importance of sustainability and how their futures will impact the environment.

This is the second lecture event hosted by ALARGAN at their headquarters in 2015, part of a series of educational partnerships the company is building to raise awareness and inspire youth to develop not only their own future, but their country’s and society’s.

Offered to students within ACK’s Schools of Architecture and Engineering, in addition to university staff, the guests were given insights into the development of Kuwait’s only LEED Platinum Certified building, given by the US Green Building Council in 2014, as well as expert ARGAN knowledge on the construction of sustainable buildings and communities.

Held under the theme “Green Buildings”, the event offered a series of lectures focused primarily on raising awareness of green buildings, their potential regional applications, as well as corporate sustainability in general.  CEO and Deputy Chairman of ALARGAN International Real Estate Company Engineer Khaled Khoudair Al-Meshaan said, “Focusing on bringing hope, positivity and a better future, ALARGAN’s corporate culture and values are deeply connected with the community. We continuously strive to make a positive difference through our CSR activities, and consistently focus our energies through concerted initiatives to undertake environmental programs that have a far-reaching impact on the society.

“We have been working to promote awareness of several concerns that impact our communities, one of which is sustainability. We believe that sustainability, as well as youth education and empowerment, are amongst the highest missions of the ALARGAN Group’s social responsibility.”

The students were taken on a tour of the Argan Business Park – which also serves as the headquarters of the company – to observe the grounds and complexes design, as well as receive a stronger understanding on how a practical and measurable environmentally friendly building can still be aesthetically pleasing. This interactive session was led by Meshaan Al-Meshaan, Chief Business Developer Officer of ALARGAN International Real Estate Company, who commented: “We believe in the importance of corporate sustainability and its strategical value on the company's future.  Considered as an added value, sustainability adds to both the country’s and the company’s growth, enhancing the development of all...”

ALARGAN is offering the lecture series and premises tour to several universities in Kuwait over the remainder of 2015, the first being held for students from Kuwait University. As part of its 2020 Strategy, ALARGAN aims to cement partnerships with educational institutes in Kuwait in order to provide students with the opportunity to obtain valuable and practical experience inside a distinguished corporate environment that they can use to benefit society’s future.

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