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ALARGAN holds first annual 'Colors of our Life' Family Open Day
November 11, 2015, 4:16 pm

In line with the group’s 2020 strategy, developed from the motto 'Life… As You Love It',  ALARGAN International Real Estate Company organized its first annual Family Open Day for the ALARGAN group of companies at the Movenpick Hotel & Resort Al-Bida’a under the theme 'Colors of our Life'. Held inthe attendance of senior management and board members, including ALARGAN International CEO and Deputy Chairman, Engineer Khaled Khudhair Al-Mashaan, over 350 employees from across the group came together to celebrate the company’s successes, values and strategy as a family. Open to all group employees, the day included various activities aimed at building even further on already strong bonds between teammates, departments and sister companies with all of their immediate families.

Al-Mashaan opened the day’s events with aheartfelt speech in which he welcomed all and expressed deep gratitude and thanks for their efforts in pushing forward the company’s strategy and working towards an overall goal, wishing all to enjoy the day’s festivities with their families,as well as co-workers.

“With the ever-challenging promiseof our motto to provide people with ‘Life… As You Love It’, ALARGAN strives to support social activities that impact the many, including to strengthen co-worker bonds and job satisfaction, evidenced by the launch of our first annual 'Colors of our Life'  Family Open Day.

ALARGAN will continue to support our staff in their growth and encourage them to see themselves as part of a large family, with activities such as today helping to maintain our close-knit spirit as teams and departments, and as a group.”

ALARGAN International Real Estate Company is a leading Kuwait Stock Exchange listed real estate company focused on the development of affordable and middle income housing in the GCC. The company strives to integrate its motto, ‘Life… As You Love It’, across its projects by creating “live, work, play and savor” environments that present a unique lifestyle experience.

Its projects are diverse and located across the Gulf region, including the State of Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman, and cover popular hotels resorts, widely visited shopping and food destinations, large development communities, and middle income level residential housing.

ALARGAN expressed heartfelt thanks to the many companies that provided gifts and prizes for the day’s activities, including: Americana, ABC, Jothen, SilkorClinic, SalhiyahClinic,Amer Dental Clinic, Hyundai Electronics ,V Max Travel, Spring Flowers, Jashanmal, Cosmo, Missoni Hotel, Movenpick Hotels & Resorts.

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