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ALARGAN educates KU on eco-friendly building, development standards
May 19, 2015, 8:07 pm

As part of the company’s 2020 strategy titled “Life… as you love it,” ALARGAN International Real Estate Company organized a lecture on eco-friendly standards for twenty three architects’ students and seven professors from Kuwait University at the company’s headquarters in the Free Trade Zone in Shuwaikh.

This initiative is part of ALARGAN International Real Estate Company’s pioneering role in the construction and development of green or sustainable buildings. The company made sure to introduce to the visiting students the sustainability standards that the company adopts at its new headquarters’ building ‘Argan Business Park,’ through which it obtained the LEED platinum, thus taking the lead in the green buildings’ field since the Argan Business Park project is the first to receive such recognition in Kuwait.

During their visit, the students listened to a detailed demonstration about the sustainability standards that ALARGAN International Real Estate Company adopts in its 2020 strategy, and viewed projects that the company finished during the past few years.

Commenting on the students’ visit to the company’s building, Engineer Khalid Khudhair Al-Mesh’an, Vice Chairman and CEO of ALARGAN International Real Estate Company said: “ALARGAN International Real Estate Company is keen on organizing such educational activities as part of its social responsibility strategy, which primarily focuses on practicing an educational role and spreading awareness among young men and women with regards to public and environmental safety through real estate construction and development.”

As part of its pioneering role, ALARGAN International Real Estate Company also gives periodic training opportunities for students inside the company. It has previously organized several training programs and educational lectures for students. Furthermore, the company looks forward to building a series of partnerships with all universities inside Kuwait in order to provide college students a unique opportunity to obtain a valuable practical experience within a distinguished institutional environment.

Since it joined the prestigious U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in 2007, ALARGAN International Real Estate Company has strived to apply the highest standards in eco-friendly designing for buildings, houses, as well as designed, built and operated complexes, therefore becoming a pioneering company in this field in the region.

ALARGAN International Real Estate Company is considered a founding member of the Kuwaiti Green Buildings Council (KGBC) for the development of green building practices in Kuwait, and giving the opportunity for more active utilization of sources, while at the same time building houses and commercial buildings characterized by low energy consumption.

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