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AICA is organizing a Ba Yaad-E-Khumar
October 9, 2017, 5:46 pm

All Indian culture association (AICA) Kuwait , adhering to its commitment to promote India's rich and diverse culture, is organizing an international mushaira ‘Ba Yaad-E-Khumar’ on 27 October in Kuwait. This signature event would be the fourth Mushaira in succession, following the previous ones which were highly successful events appreciated by the diaspora from the Indian community.

AICA has also organized several other successful programs in the past including theatrical performances by Rj Naved and Major Mohamad Ali Sha and music concert B Ustaad Raza Ali Khan, the grandson of Badey Ghulam Ali Khan from its platform.

Mohammad Aamir, the convener of the event and secretary of AICA, stated that Mushaira is a poetic symposium called Mehfil where poets gather to perform to an audience and their expressions may cross a range of emotions from love, despair and hope to other possible human emotions.

A Mushaira is a beloved part of the rich Ganga Jamuna Tahzeeb of India that is greatly admired even by those whose mother tongue is not Urdu. He further inform that this year Mushaira is dedicated to one of the greatest Urdu poets ‘Khumar Barabankvi’ and will be attended by some of the contemporary eminent Shayars including the much celebrated Munawwar Rana.

The list also includes Azhar Inayati, Jauhar Kanpuri, Shakeel Azmi, Mahshar Afreedi, Shabeenaadeeb, Wasif farooqui, Tariq Qamar, Rajesh Reddy, Azm Shakri, Sardarcharansingh Bashar, Khursheed Haider, Munawwar Jafri, Irfan Jafri and Salman Zafar. The Khumar family will be represented by Faiz Khumar, grandson of Khumar Barabankbi, who is an upcoming Shayar himself.

This event will be held at the medical Association auditorium in Jabriya from 6:30 pm.


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