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AASK conducts 2nd Annual General Body Meeting
July 31, 2016, 11:10 am

Aam Aadmi Society Kuwait (AASK) is non-political, non-financial organization looking forward to support fellow NRIs on welfare needs. AASK is also a cultural organization that supports the free exchange of ideas, and seeks to foster active citizenship among the Indian community in Kuwait.

Aam Aadmi, namely Common Man is a new trend name among the  youth in India and NRIs across the globe. It was founded in 2014 to help improve the lives of Indians in Kuwait and India. The society believes that the best way to do this is through greater interconnectedness among the Indian community, and by increasing people’s awareness on their role in society.

AASK conducted its Annual General Body Meeting for the year 2015-16on 29 July at Poppins Hall, Abbassiya. More than 130 members of the Chapter attended the meeting. Prior to the meeting, different office bearers of AASK displayed their booths on the activities carried out by their team in their tenure and face-to-face session with members were held and members expressed their gratitude and thankfulness to AASK leadership on driving them to success.

Thomas Mathai, Secretary of the AASK in his opening speech extolled the activities performed by the office bearers of 2015-16 with the exceptional support of 1508 AASK members in Kuwait who are the NRIs from around 16 states in India and wished successful year for the next team for new term.

Mr. Kambrath, Convener of AASK, in his presidential address highlighted the achievement by the chapter to conduct 5 major events Nepal Earthquake Relief activities, Chennai Flood relief support, Adopting 65 students on education under Rahul Baby Education Support for Women empowerment, Supporting Kerala Blind Association for education needs and providing social support for “pempilla orumai” women activists within one-year term.

He mentioned that all AASK programs were focused towards chapter objectives like professional development of the members, AASK growth and protecting people, identifying the needy in Indian society for social, educational and health improvement support.

He stated that chapter was able to implement all its planned activities successfully only with the unconditional voluntary support of the AASK Executive committee members. He conveyed his appreciation to the chapter Elected members, Executive Committee, Advisory Committee, Aam Aadmi GCC teams and their executives  and the AASK members for the efforts, support and  encouragement for all the activities during the year.

Mr. Mubarack firmly stated that for the development of mother land India, we need to focus only on education and health which in terms will produce a string generation who will, with a will develop the nation. Hence AASK will give better preferences for educating at least 140 students a year and supporting the health development programs initiated by genuine individuals in India and Kuwait.

Convener urged that the barrier of religious mind sets, caste, creed and colour discriminations should never drive the minds of AASK members and also requested to spread words around and within community on need of unity regardless to these subjects which is only resulting weakness in society. Non Residential Indian expatriates are referred ass NRIs. 

Digant Raj Kapoor, prominent writer and chapter national representative, appreciated the efforts of the Committees. He stated that during this chapter term many new initiatives were taken and said that the activities conducted during the to be highlighted the national level for promoting such more community activities by others.

The Chief Guest for the program Mr. Fakruddin, POC to AASK in Indian Chapter applauded the AASK activities and conducted a motivating presentation for attendees on the development of Delhi govt. which is the only one in India governed by Aam Aadmi, the Common Man. He insisted that only by eradicating the corruption and encouraging free education and health we shall achieve a developed nation status for India.

Seby Sebastian, Treasurer presented the financial report for the chapter with the revenue and expenditure for the year 2015-16.

The Socail Media coodinatior of the AASK Mr. Sibi Avarappatt, Cultural Coordinator Vijayan Innassia, Prominent writer and AASK member Dharmaraj Madappally, Famous singer within NRIs in Kuwait Mr. Salih, Chairman of Yathra Kuwaiit and founder member of AASK Anil Anad, Praneesh V, Rasheed Puthukkulangara, , Shafi VK, Shahul Hameed, expressed in brief on their experience as being with AASK coordinators in annual activities.

While in Face-to-face session for members, as a token of gratitude for the efforts during the year, all AASK members spoken on supporting social activities with NRI communities and need of more involvements for the welfare of NRI community. Without any disagreement, all attended members lend their hand for all productive initiatives by elected AASK officials and executives in future.

Sibi Avarappatt, Social Media Convener of AASK organized general election  for the year 2016-17 executive committee, along with the state wise coordination team, core committee team, cultural and arts team, NRI welfare wing.

In addition the general body, an Orchestra by Srudilaya Band, Kuwait was organized at the end of the event which provided pleasant and entertaining moment for the members.

In the closing ceremony, Mr. Sebastian thanked all the members for their participation and wished the new team a successful year ahead.     

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