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A memorable evening of Poetry, Stories session
October 13, 2015, 1:51 pm

An evening of short story, and poetry was celebrated by the Writers’ Forum, Kuwait on 2 October, 2015 on nonviolence day at the residence of Dr. (Mrs.) Navniit Gandhi, was graced with several moments of cheer, humour and pride. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Waseem Siddiqi a well-known Short Story Writer in Urdu and Vice President of the forum and Ravin Singh, a story writer and music composer was requested be the Chief Guest for the evening. The General Secretary of the Forum Tajwer Sultana conducted the proceedings.

The story reading session began with the budding writer Lubna Siddiqi reading a very touching review on Upendernath Ashk's novel Girtee DiwareN. Rajesh Verlerkar then read out a story on day to day struggle of a common man in India titled.... The Cess Payer.

In the second session, the other members read out their latest creative works in different Indian languages. Those who read their poems include Tajwer Sultana,  Shahjahan Jaffery, Dr. Navneet Gandhi,  Afroz Alam, Sayed Nazar and Umesh Sharma in Urdu and Hindi respectively.

Towards the conclusion of the program, the Chief Guest- Ravin Singh read his story and also presented his views about the creative expressions of all present at the meeting. The President of the meeting Dr. Waseem Siddiqi expressed his happiness over the write up of Lubna Siddiqi as the budding writer is taking interest in Hindi literature. He also appreciated the poetry recited by the members of the forum.

Sunil Sonsi and Mamuna Ali Choghle also graced the occasion with their presence. The meeting concluded with everybody thanking the host—NavnIIt Gandhi and Rajesh Verlerkar for their hospitality.


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