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A hip, trendy Festival – On 6th Street
February 23, 2014, 1:14 pm

The Lilly Centre and ‘4’ organized on February 13, a huge street-style event that gathered a selection of well-known Kuwaiti businesses in one area. The event started at 4:30 and ended at 10pm, and during that time, visitors admired and purchased quality items from different high-end stalls. Situated in the core industrial area of Al-Shuwaikh, and an up-and-coming and expanding area of Kuwait – 6th Street is home to 4, the cult destination lifestyle store and The Lilly Centre which incorporates a wide range of business offices and retail shops.

The ‘On 6th Street’ event not only honored the National month of Kuwait, but promoted local brands and businesses, particularly those that had a lot to offer to the Kuwaiti public. The outdoor market space was brightened with lights and the stalls were tastefully decorated to display a variety of items from lifestyle, fashion and home accessories of brand name stores.

Plus there were food and drinks stalls with tasty treats to refuel. The Festival incorporated some fun activities; people signed up to make fresh pizzas on-site with ‘Solo Pizza’ – the first Neopolitan style pizza in Kuwait, and there was a live graffiti wall created by Visual Therapy. The best part of the festival for the fashionistas was a book signing by Cameron Silver, an American fashion historian.

Cameron Silver is a store owner of the Los Angeles vintage store ‘Decades’ and his impeccable taste has earned him a top spot among stylists, celebrities and designers. Time magazine has named him one of the ‘25 Most Influential People in Fashion’. Mr. Silver is a favorite television commentator and has written about luxury for publications such as Harper’s Bazaar. He has authored a remarkable fashion book, ‘Decades: A Century of Fashion’, wherein his sartorial knowledge provides readers with a unique viewpoint of fashion through the ages. The book was available for signing and many Kuwaiti designers found it very interesting. The fashion legend sat down with TimesKuwait in an exclusive interview to discuss Kuwaiti fashion.

Who is your style inspiration from the Middle East?
I am so inspired by the Kuwaiti fashion that I have an entire Arab-oriented wardrobe, I could probably move here and fit in. I bought so many clothes from the region. I find the men’s traditional dress to be very elegant.

What is your opinion on Kuwait’s fashions scene?
When you are at the 4 concept store, the fashion scene is incredible. Very cool, avant-garde clothing and the Kuwaiti consumer is so sophisticated. I like the fashion scene because I am spending so much money at this store. I haven’t seen many local designers, but I will try to do that later. I have been to the malls, where there is a lot of shopping. The atmosphere is like Singapore, women consider it a sport, people really like to shop.

Do you see a meeting of east and western cultures?
It’s the trend in high fashion; a lot of influence of culture, even the designer Haider Ackermann borrows a lot of eastern influences. There is a quite a bit happening in this region, Kuwait is a very progressive and open society. I think the Middle East is the next region for an art and fashion explosion. There is a lot of interest in Arabic art.

Do you see a love for vintage fashion in Kuwait?
Yes, because anybody who loves fashion must love a little bit of vintage. You want to know why you love this new thing, mainly because it was inspired by the past. Vintage is another beautiful way to distinguish yourself, and your outfit ends up looking very unique.

Compared to your western cliental, how fashion conscious is Kuwait?
Kuwaitis are way more fashion conscious than western women. I have discussed fashion with a lot of Kuwaitis. You have great fashion here, so many malls with numerous brands. There is a tremendous passion for fashion. Historically, the people are a well-traveled community so there was always an opportunity to learn about other regions.

You have styled Hollywood celebrities; do you hope to style some favorite celebrities from the Middle East?
Nancy Ajram, I hear she is beautiful.

What is your favorite vintage item of Kuwait?

I loved going to the Souq, so much fun and finding something Afghani that is vintage was great. Also, I bought a beautiful and elegant white Bisht.

What did you love about your book tour and promoting ‘Decades’ in Kuwait?
The modern Kuwaiti woman is not so different from the Western woman. She is a lover of luxury. She is a sophisticated woman, but she is close with tradition. The beauty of my experience being on this book tour, women are not that different, though people would like to think they are different. Wherever I am, Kuwait or aboard, I notice people love beautiful things, fashion and history.

- By Christina Pinto, Staff Reporter

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