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86,000 housemaids ran away in a year in Saudi Arabia
October 22, 2015, 9:06 am

Shoura Council members have called for an investigation into the reasons why 86,000 housemaids ran away from their employers in one year alone.

“This is a serious problem which has adverse effects to the local economy and security as well,” the Shoura members said. Abdullah Al-Otaibi, vice president of the health committee, suggested the formation of a special committee to study the recruitment file and make recommendations to solve the problem.

Some claim that housemaids run away from their employers but a local community leader said that they escape because of non-payment of salaries, lack of food and maltreatment.

Based in Hail, this community leader has been involved in helping housemaids after they run away from their employers. The Shoura members slammed the Ministry of Labor for its performance, including the implementation of the employment strategy endorsed by the Cabinet six years ago.

Fadwa Abu Mureefah warned of malpractice in the recruitment file that goes against Saudi citizens. Mureefah also asked about the “delay in addressing the problem on recruitment and that why the Kingdom is still experiencing difficulties and obstacles on this issue.”

“Are there problems in activating the agreements signed by the Ministry of Labor to expand the number of countries exporting labor?” she said. She also called for the generation of jobs with good salaries.

Mansour Al-Kredes called on the Labor Ministry to clarify its position on the matter and asked about the problems of unemployment.

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