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85 arrested, 81 citations issued, 11 cars seized
July 23, 2018, 8:51 am

Ahmadi Security Command launched a campaign during which 85 violators of law were arrested, 81 traffic citations were issued, 11 vehicles seized and two stolen vehicles were recovered.

The arrested individuals included 30 against who arrest orders were issued due to unpaid debts, one who was wanted by law for criminal activities, eight who have been reported as absconding, seven who did not have any identification documents, and two residency violators.

Also, an Asian expatriate was arrested in possession of 91 liquor bottles and drugs, and 34 others who were in possession of 41 liquor bottles and gambling tools. In addition, three individuals were arrested in possession of drugs.

All arrested individuals have been referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action. Among the 11 seized vehicles, two were involved in court verdicts and nine others in traffic violations. They were referred to the seized vehicle garage.

Source: Arab Times

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