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80-year-old beaten to a pulp by house-boy
April 25, 2014, 9:16 am

Caught on camera lashing the old man with a stick; Man was being beaten for months

An Asian male house-boy was arrested in Dibba Fujairah on charges of using a stick to beat up his 80-year-old employer for nearly four months.

The male help, in his 20s, was found guilty after he was caught on camera lashing the old man with a stick before trying to strangle him.

The old man’s son had fixed a camera at his father’s house in the eastern town after the old man repeatedly complained that he was smacked systematically by the worker.

“The worker, who was brought to look after the old man, told police that he had beaten him because he was very demanding and would not let him relax or sleep,” the Arabic language daily ‘Al Bayan’ said.


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